IMB Health Notes – w/c 23 Dec 2019

With only one IMB report published during last week, here are some of the more interesting points that I found pertaining to health and wellbeing at HMP & YOI Standford Hill.

IMB Report – HMP & YOI Standford Hill

Reporting period – 01 Apr 2018 to 31 Mar 2019.

  • Overall, the IMB take the view that HMP/YOI Standford Hill continues to be “well run” and go further in saying “that the prison model at Standford Hill is a highly effective, first class template for a rehabilitation prison…… No institution as complex and multi-faceted as a category D prison runs smoothly in every respect.”
  • The Board have found the staff in the healthcare department to be dedicated and conscientious and to provide a good service to prisoners, and often in the light of quite forceful pressure applied by some prisoners to be seen quickly.
  • A triage system operates for those who do not have an appointment and who feel they need to see a doctor or dentist.
  • The health centre is a prefabricated block which, although modern, is not soundproofed and staff would like a better security door to prevent prisoners getting into private areas of the centre. There is a concern that the current facilities are not appropriate for prisoners who want to discuss their medical issues in privacy.
  • The healthcare department is open during normal working hours, and between 8pm and 8am prisoners are able to access under escort the services at the newly built Sheppey Community Hospital. Prisoners also have access to the NHS 111 emergency service.
  • Even as a Cat D establishment, if prisoners need to be transferred to hospital for treatment, the prison provides escorts and bed watches while they are there.
  • The ongoing reduction in the number of concerns about healthcare (also noted last year), has continued and there appears to be much more satisfaction with the service provided. Some prisoners suggested at a recent induction course that they are likely to see a doctor more quickly than people outside the prison because of the pressures on the NHS.
  • There was 1 death in custody during the reporting period, and attributed to natural causes. Healthcare staff did voice some concerns to the Board that they could not give the right level of nursing care in an open prison environment, even where prisoners have individual cells.
  • Healthcare applications to the IMB decreased to 6 from 11 when compared to the previous reporting year.

IMB evidence comes from observations made on rota visits, scrutiny of records and data, attendance at various meetings, informal contact with staff and prisoners, prisoners’ applications and monitoring of areas of concern.

Full IMB Report – HMP & YOI Standford Hill