I am an operational mid-level manager with nearly 25 years experience in working within Her Majesty’s prisons and healthcare teams. PrisonHealthMatters is my blog.

PrisonHealthMatters is my attempt to synthesize the challenges and opportunities that exist throughout the health and justice sector – to go where the lessons find us and, to seek them out.

As we embrace those challenges, we are able to all share the learning along the way – both in terms of areas for improvement, and recognising the wealth of good practice already in place. Equaly, let’s not discount the working models and innovations that are already being applied outside Health & Justice as much as within it.

The goal of PrisonHealthMatters is to provide a central repository for content for information and resources that is accessible, digestable and actionable for all of us who work within the Health & Justice sector.

Much of the content within this blog is sourced through the Open Government Licence (OGL) v3.0 , which is a simple set of terms and conditions that facilitates the re-use of a wide range of public sector information.

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Further context, best practice and guidance can be found in the UK Government Licensing Framework section on The National Archives website.

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